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I am newly diagnosed with Adult ADHD and just started Adderall and it is helping me understand many of the answers to issues I have had in the past and still experiencing.

I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice. I work in Healthcare and needless to say focus and attention is extremely important. I have one particular co worker that I can’t seem to manage myself around. She is loud, distracting and overall obnoxious to work with. She is that employee that sucks the air out of the room when she is around. I have lost my temper with her several times and just try my best to ignore her. It seems I am hyper focused on her distractibility. Now I just try to shut myself in an office to help. But, I can still hear her.

Not sure if adjusting my medication will help with this or not. I have talked to her directly and she doesn’t seem to understand that her behavior is a problem.

Any advice would be appreciated!