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I likely have undiagnosed ADHD as well. I am also am special education teacher. I can offer these suggestions that might help as at school I do well but at home the mundane things are hard for me , I have started trying a few strategies for myself at home that help.
Procrastination- we often put things off because it feels like it is going to take forever – I have started doing little things like time estimation to complete a task- instead avoiding emptying the dishwasher, for example ,I just remind myself it literally only takes 3 minutes – just do it – and I now do but I always have to use that inner voice to remind me it’s a quick thing.

Also, work in chunks for longer chores- like you might need to clean your whole house but use your inner voice to say for example , I am going to get the kitchen done because often you will feel better if you at least accomplish that one thing instead of nothing or set a Timer for like a half hour or 15 minutes even to start and work hard for that time on something you need to do- it helps me . I use these kinds of strategies at school a lot work with kids and for home for me too- estimating length of task, working in chunks to get it done and using timers can be very helpful – good luck