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Zenzi, you may need a stronger dose. Also, who is the manufacturer that makes your generic addy? You might need to try a different brand, or even a different pharmacy. Sandoz seems to be the best.

Also, take yourself away from your degree or your assignment. You are not a failure, it is one of those things you just need a second or third try to get it. A failure gives up and stops. Focus on the assignment in front of you, and just tell yourself you need to just do 5 minutes of it. Stop what you’re doing now, and do 5 minutes of your homework. Set a reminder on your phone to do 5 more minutes later today, then set a reminder maybe after dinner to do 5 more minutes of homework. Repeat for the weekend.

Read the posts above too!

Lastly, ask someone for help, maybe a friend who can push you in the right direction.

Hope that helps!