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This was an outstanding narrative about self discovery, and quite funny to me as I saw myself just paragraph after paragraph. I like that this person is getting down to the nitty gritty of “what” we have and how to “manage” it. Mentioning, essential oils….well I came upon the benefits of this years ago, now I’m a total convert, ie, I get the good quality lavender essential oil and a little goes a long way. Helps me sleep, drift off easier. But there are so many other choices, aromatherapy is awesome. Then there is the mention of mindfulness training. Now here is a wonderful healing opportunity and as mentioned, it does take some sacrifice to settle yourself down at first, I had to force myself to quieten internally and really listen to my teacher. I am finding some of the DVD’s that Dr. Mark Muesse created, totally about mindfulness, are changing my outlook. Now they aren’t full of entertainment, you have to just be willing to give 15 minutes or so to listen to the content. But here’s the deal, anything that retrains my chaotic ADHD brain to a more peaceful and better functioning state….well I’m game. Anyway, thanks for the post, it is true that ADHD people can understand each other in such remarkable ways, and we do need that. It is powerful to have group support, and that it be uplifting positive interaction. Godspeed, we are not in this alone, in fact we are marching forward with what I believe is a great deal of untapped talent. Just have to harness it….channel it, and that’s my continuing challenge every single day.