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Oh bummer.. I just spent 2 hours writing back but it disappeared!!! Agh, lol.. not the first time this has happened (wasting time for.. nothing! Well maybe not completely for nothing, I did a lot of unloading and distracted me from myself in a roundabout way) anyways! I’ll give it time to pop up, if it doesn’t by the time I can find another chunk of time to write, I will! The one thing I don’t want to wait on, is telling you how much I appreciate your bravery on sharing your story! It meant SO much to me knowing I’m not alone! That maybe the first time ever feeling that way.. a least on this subject. I can on and on but I’ll save that for later.. not to mention I’m out of time! Lol
But last thing I really stress, especially if you think anyway like me, where things like this matter..but know you made a difference today in someone’s life and I hope you can appreciate yourself for this! You really deserve it! I can’t thank you enough since words are only that.. words! They don’t begin to justify my appreciation! Talk 2 u soon!!