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I rarely log in to reply to these boards (had to reset a forgotten password to do so), but felt compelled to do so for this one. I simply cannot relax unless I am physically exhausted. I am not particularly athletic/fast, but I will run, cycle, swimm, ski and hike all weekend so that I can sleep well on Saturday and Sunday nights. I confess I sometimes also have a glass of wine to help quiet my brain, though not an option if you’re a minor.

Audio books really help. Everything you read about avoiding blue light and screens is totally correct, but I find I get too excited by reading a good book and then stay up until 2 am to read it. There is something about an audio book that allows a part of your brain to focus on the story while allowing the other part to relax. There are a few Calm Sleep Stories on YouTube (don’t look at the screen while listening!) and I have downloaded a few mp3s from my library. Things you have heard before are good (Sherlock Holmes is a favourite) but different things work different moods.

Audio seems to really be my thing. Sometimes I set something relaxing Gymnopedie on repeat. The title track from the Book of Eli (Denzel Washington film) is brilliant, I play it slowed down, on repeat, with a 30 minute sleep timer.

It has occurred to me that, with ADHD, life can be traumatic. It is constant chaos, especially if you were diagnosed late, like me, and I have recently realised that I appear to have developed a subconscious *fear* of relaxing. If I relax, my whole house of cards might fall down around me – I will lose my keys, forget to eat, not have clothes to wear. These things really do happen if I don’t use my energy to implement my strategies to prevent the chaos. So it is no wonder I am terrified of relaxing. It is also interesting to see that ADDitute’s latest article is about links with ADD and PTSD… I will read…