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I feel your pain, this is my biggest challenge with ADHD. I can’t relax or sit still for very long, and it’s difficult for me to rest. Unless I’m extremely exhausted or sick, I can’t just lay on the couch or read quietly.

Regular exercise (particularly cardio) and breaks for walking and stretching help, but I still have trouble with restlessness, tension, and leg cramps. I have at times wondered whether I have restless leg syndrome, as well. I love TV, but like others, I’ve found that it’s really not engaging enough by itself. I usually do other things while watching TV, like art, crafts, organizing, stretching, going through mail, or low-key apps on my smartphone.

I love to read, but I often can only manage to sit still and focus at night, so I read before bed, which helps my brain shut down. Sometimes if it’s an exciting book, I do have to switch to something calmer, like nonfiction, to get sleepy.

I agree that being in nature helps, and white noise often helps, whether from music, my phone, the washer or dryer, etc. I really wish I could just sit around more, but usually I can only do that once I’m pretty tired.

I look forward to seeing what others say, and it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who has a lot of trouble sitting still!