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So some of you are having problems with brand name? That is so disheartening. I was on brand name when I was first diagnosed. Things went really downhill when I switched to generic, specifically Actavis. Really downhill. After 5 years on the same dose of brand, we switched to generic. Once we went to Actavis, I ended up for 2 years abusing my meds, becoming an alcoholic and spiraling out of control. When I was abusing the meds, I kept thinking to myself. If I take more, then eventually I will be able to think clearly again and get myself out of this mess. Long story short, I went through treatment for my substance abuse and was off meds for 2 years. Last winter, working closely with a Dr I started back on meds. We tried different types,but eventually ended back to Adderall xr,(generic). I have tried different generics, hoping to get back to where I was before. It has been trying. Some have been worse than others, but Prasco has been the worst by far. I was going to ask my Dr to specify brand name, but after reading everyone else’s stories, I’m worried it’s just fruitless. I’m still going to try, but if it’s as bad as it sounds I will be raising my voice too.