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Thanks Penny, sending my son to his room is only something that has intensified recently as he has been so explosive I’m desperately trying to contain it. I’ve sought advice through my own counselling and realise this is very rejecting. I’m keen to diffuse things asap as we live with my parents. ( this is necessary as I need the help).
I’m pretty good at remaining calm yet my body is flooded with cortisol in the face of a tall, aggressive 7 year old. I have tried disengaging but my son will follow pleading, screaming and shouting until you agree; and I won’t. I will simply say I understand what you’re saying and hear how angry and upset you are. I will say we both need time out but get followed and this continues. I cannot just leave it and pretend someone isn’t there screaming and shouting at me. If it dissipated quickly, I could but it goes on. I’m loathed to do it but feel locking myself in the toilet will be my only option next. Im sure he will try boot the door in.
I just want a little niceness and kindness sometimes to help offset the negativity. It is intensifying and my feelings are a natural human response. I will and do keep trying.