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Greetings, fellow ADHD-ers,
Iā€™m in my early fifties and struggle to relax. It routinely takes my hubby two minutes to fall asleep and it takes me 1-2 hours. I finally figured out the theory behind counting sheep šŸ˜‰ -> if I do focused breathing ā€” in for a count of 7, hold for 4, out for 8 ā€” my brain stops bouncing like a pinball and I can unwind and fall asleep.
Another technique is to tighten and then relax different sets of muscles throughout your body ā€” similar to biofeedback, it teaches you to feel and begin to command the tensing/relaxing of your body.
My dr recommended Citracal w Magnesium/Zinc, a life changer for my husband who runs and battled leg cramps.
I hope you read, learn and continue to network w others ā€” and that you help educate neuro-typicals by sharing your experiences. I started speaking of and explaining ADHD (both seriously and with humor) and discovered quite a few colleagues in the ADHD boat.
Best wishes ā€” keep asking, experimenting and tweaking to find what works for you.