Reply To: ODD – Is There Hope?


My 12 year old grandson was diagnosed while he was in preschool with Sensory Processing Disorder and ADHD. He now also has Anxiety Disorder, ODD and to make matters worse, raging hormones! It’s always been very challenging but with the ODD and puberty things got pretty bad in the past year. We chose years ago not to medicate and we were advised that with the fluctuating hormones of puberty it wasn’t a good idea to start now. After much research we started him on Lithium Orotate (Amazon) This is not the prescription lithium, and Niacinamide (Amazon). Please, please research these in regards to ADHD and ODD as they have made a significant difference in his behavior. He is still on days a moody preteen but he is much more reasonable and calm…manageable vs crazy out of control! We also have him on Joy-Filled Supplement…great product! (Amazon), Omega 3, low dose iron, vit d3, magnesium glycinate, multi with zinc, l-Theanine and melatonin and lemon balm to sleep. We have renewed hope and wanted to share this in hopes it can help others who are struggling!

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