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I have a similar profile as you do. The only difference is that I’m always late (and I still believe there is some kind of time travel or unconscious magic, because I start to get ready way before the others but I still am the last to arrive, lol).
Great grades in primary school, mid to poor grades in high school, managed to pass in some of the best colleges in my country (they don’t use high school grades in my country as a parameter but a single test), mid to good grades in college (thanks to the gods that made most my classes presence not required, otherwise I would still be there), very high performance in IQ tests, I somehow managed to get in the first try a dream job in my area (and got fired for poor performance, of course), then I got another dream job in a blink of an eye (in the first try both, thanks to the gods that invented technical interview and don’t like group dynamics, never succeeded in these).

These characteristics made me have a late diagnostics like you, at 31.

When it comes to relationships of all kinds (family, love, friends), work performance (including homeworks in college), time management (It’s 8pm here now, what about start my workday now? Oh, it’s time to go home and sleep again (again the time magic)), impulsiveness. Then the thing gets ugly. I have one of the best salaries possible for my level of experience, being part of the 1% wealthier in the country in terms of income, having a very simple way of life (don’t travel (unless business), don’t party, don’t have fancy stuff) and somehow I manage to get more and more money debt, I don’t get it, this is like the time magic, I’m sure about that.