Reply To: Is it ADHD or…..?


Have you looked into Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)? Could be ADHD and some sensory processing issues that are triggered at school. ADHD and sensory kids are super smart. They know how to get out of situations their bodies can’t handle and many do this by creating disruption. For example, my little guy has ADHD and also some auditory and visual sensory issues. Every time I would go to Costco or the grocery store with him, he would run around like a crazy kid, yell and do whatever he could to cause issues. As a parent your immediate response is either ditch your cart and leave or go as fast as you can to get out of there with a shred of dignity. My guy had figured out that by causing problems he could get relief from the noise and bright lights. His sensory system was on overload and without a way to communicate that to me his only option was to act up. SPD can definitely impact how kids learn, and behave in school. The Star Institute has good info on their site and book recommendations. In terms of therapy, they’re in Colorado and extremely expensive. Good occupational therapy is more practical and can do great things for these kids. It’s also covered under most insurance plans. Happy to chat further if you have questions.