Reply To: Aggression and irritability

Penny Williams

The key is to ask WHY these behaviors are happening. You’ve already noted one trigger, the environment — if it’s only happening at school then there’s something in that environment, maybe many things, that are triggering behavior.

Behavior is communication. What is his behavior signaling? Could be many things at school like sensory overwhelm (too loud, too bright, too chaotic, too fast…), social struggles, lagging emotional communication and regulation, etc.

I would request, in writing to the principle, an FBA (Functional Behavior Assessment). A behaviorist should facilitate this meeting and guide all parties to understanding the functions of the behaviors and setting strategies to address them.

Functional Behavior Assessment: The Solution to Misbehavior at School

And, if you haven’t, I strongly recommend you read Ross Greene’s “The Explosive Child.”

Time for Plan B? 10 Tips for Dealing with the Explosive Child

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