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When you say scanning around, do you mean like you’re distracted or you’re worried about what other people might do, being suspicious that someone may be harmful around you?

I see your actions being one of two things: 1) you’re hyperactive and aren’t not relaxed, but your body wants to keep moving, 2) you have anxiety from a past trauma you haven’t dealt with fully.

For situation one, medication or calming homeopathic solutions are recommended. Heck, coffee may help you relax. It seems like people above have recommended some great things. Relaxation may be exercise for you.

For situation two, you need to get therapy or write about it. Someone or something happened as a kid that makes you jumpy and nervous. You might need DBT or EMDR even. You can try reading online for sites like Mark Manson (kind of crude, but he makes excellent points and breaks things down simply), but you may need professional help. There is no shame in that, and you are even a better person because you care about yourself and others to get the help you need to get better. If you end up needing medication, think of it as like eyeglasses to help correct near/farsightedness