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I hear what you’re saying and I respect your point of view. But please know there is no reason you can’t go to college. You can go to a community college and talk them about making modifications and accommodations to help you through school. Use the time at the community college to help you improve your GPA and get better at being in school. I suggest going to a therapist and talking about the things that are frustrating you. I also think that going on medications can be very helpful; the right dosage and type of meds can do a lot to help you calm down and concentrate. They were a big help to me in school and helped me concentrate and focus. It takes some work but you really can go to college. I was a solid A and B student (with some C’s) and was majorly burnt out after high school. I took a year off (after forcing me into a college I didn’t want to be in and dropping out) and went back to community college when I was ready. My GPA improved to a good level and I was able to transfer to a four year school and earn my Bachelor’s Degree.

There is hope and help if you look for it. I have the same problem with math that you do. You might have a condition called Dyscalculia; it is a real condition that makes it impossible for you to process math. The issue with you forgetting the numbers before you enter them could be related to that or another disorder common to ADHD called Motor Dyspraxia which can also affect short term memory.

You sound very intelligent and I think with the right team of people around you that you can achieve great things.

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