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That was my experience as a kid with ADHD. I was constantly blamed and punished for the most minor things and bullies would get away scott free. I had one particularly nasty vice principal from Texas (I lived in Rhode Island) who had a very biased attitude against special needs kids (she actually told me once “you have no purpose at this school and nobody wants you here. Special Ed Kids have no place in normal schools.”) She would invent reasons for me to get in trouble, even when logic dictated otherwise. She was once asked to inform my mother of a minor incident involving me verbally bullying someone, an incident that was resolved and taken care of. Instead of simply notifying mom of the incident and its resolution she called and threatened to have me arrested and taken to jail for making threats. I was 16 at the time and have never been a discipline problem before; I had never even gotten in trouble before. I was a solid A and B student. She made the mistake of not understanding my mom was an educational advocate and had strong friendships with the state attorney’s, special education director and the principal. She got her butt handed to her. Turns out she was doing this sort of thing to many special education students and was trying to get us to dropout of school or get expelled because she didn’t like us. Her contract was eventually terminated and she was forced out of our school district.

I had problems with teachers too, they would most often sympathize with the bully and would tell me to stop being “dramatic” or “seeking attention.” It always felt weird to me because the last thing I wanted was attention, I just wanted to get through a day without being verbally abused, physically attacked, sexually harassed or tortured by other students or teachers.

The worst feeling I ever had in school was going to an adult and knowing they weren’t going to believe me or do anything to help me. Getting told to “just ignore it” was always the worst feeling. How can I ignore somebody bullying me all day?