Reply To: ODD – Is There Hope?


Parenting is hard but parenting a child with ADHD, ODD and ASD – the struggle is real and you are not, I repeat NOT alone. I am a parent of an eleven year old that has all of these and I saw it in him since he was 2. I won’t get into all of my story here but wanted to say a few things to hopefully help aid in your situation. My son was diagnosed with ADHD at age 4 since that was the earliest any physician would see him to test him even though I was seeing signs at age 2. Along with this I was seeing signs of ASD and had him tested not once but twice at very highly recommended facilities only to find out years later that he was missed for high functioning ASD because the psychologist was looking for low function attributes instead of high. Long story short, he was tested at age 8 for the 3rd time with results that he was indeed high functioning ASD. With these two diagnoses accompanied ODD, executive functioning disorder & auditory processing disorder. I too have spent much time and money on therapies, research, testing etc. teaching coping skills & behavior strategies to your child is definitely helpful. Saying & explaining less and using quick phrases instead can go a long way. When you start to see tempers arise & verbal arguing from your child as he is talking over you try using the word ”stop” calmly as he may just be perseverating over something he may not be able to explain which looks like arguing & giving the parent a hard time. Remind him to use his words and that you are on his side, they you are there for him trying to understand his needs & want to help. I I could go on and on with ideas and strategies but I’ll stop there. Currently, my son takes aderall and his daily supplements in the morning and intuniv in the evening one and a half to two hours before bed. This has helped with his attention deficits, impulsive behaviors and Sleep. Also, after testing for food sensitivities/allergies, he is now following a gluten free diet which has helped tremendously with his ODD, mood swings & tantrums. Just a quick side note, Food sensitivities can cause areas of the brain to become highly inflamed leading to deficits, mood changes etc. By removing these food sensitivities it allows the brain to become less inflamed Resulting in opening up areas that were one blocked to start functioning again. In my son’s case, it was gluten, dairy & soy to be the problem causing factors. Since we have removed gluten completely and most foods with dairy & soy it has allowed my son to finally find peace and calmness within himself. His moodiness, arguments and tantrums (ODD) have decreased by at least 90% if not more. It’s truly been a huge difference and I highly recommend getting the food tests done. He is also making progression in areas of executive functions both at school and home as we continue to work on coping skills as well as other areas of need. In ending, This is where we are at now as we continue to fight and look for answers in our own journey and battle with these disorder ms. I hope by me sharing it will help you in yours. I’m not sure where the next chapter will lead us too but this is what we have found to work for us for currently. ADHD & ASD are both spectrum disorders. A person on the spectrum can be very different from one individual to the next and no two journeys will ever be the same. Please remember to breathe and be mindful through your daily tasks and searches for answers. There is no right or wrong way in doing things & finding help. You have to find what works best for your child & family. I truly wish you much luck as you continue with your journey of fighting and advocating for your child. May peace and many blessings be with you and find you soon. 😌