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I can relate to your struggles with organization and feelings of inferiority. The only thing that helped me was to find a good therapist who is trained in ADD issues; after 3 sessions, I felt much better. I could not solve these problems myself, and my medication did not help with this. Now it is actually getting better. As I get organized, my feelings of inferiority are decreasing. I think that you can overcome this also.

It’s not about your job, but about reaching your potential and climbing to the top of Maslow’s hierarchy :-). Do the best job as an activity assistant as you can, and then keep going towards something in which you feel that your potential is fully realized. If you want to continue as an activity assistant, there is nothing wrong with that, although it sounds like your income potential is limited. There is honor in every job, especially when you work with the elderly and do a great job at it. Social work is never easy, so commend yourself for committing to that field in which you tirelessly help others.

I want you to know that no matter what your job is, unless you nip the feelings of inferiority in the bud, they continue. I’m a university professor, doctorally prepared, and there is always that undercurrent of not being good enough, and it torments me and affects productivity immensely at times.

You have enough insight and you’re young enough and intelligent enough that you can get this fixed relatively quickly, with someone who is trained in ADD therapy.

Good luck. We care!