Reply To: Is it ADHD or…..?


I also have a 1st grade boy who has ADHD, and I’ve always known it as I have ADHD myself. He is super sweet but has always had outbursts at home and none at school until this year. He was being handsy and became a physical with some of his peers (kicking, pushing) when he thought they were “bothering” them. There is a lot of anxiety with adhd whether you see it or not, and it could just be to fit in, focus, act normal or other things most people don’t think about or take for granted. In November our doctor prescribed a mood stabilizer because I felt that his behavior was escalating and I didn’t want him to become “that kid”. It has worked wonders in school and at home. He is still my sweet boy but is able to control his impulses and not rush to anger so quickly when he is frustrated or feels like someone is annoying him. We also do therapy so he can recognize what emotion he is feeling and what reaction he is having and if the situation calls for that type of response. I know it is a lot but it has really helped him. As someone with adhd I completely understand what he is going through but also didn’t want to medicate him so young even though I take Vyvanse (a stimulant) daily just to be able to be productive and function like an adult. I would definitely explore the mood stabilizers (he takes Trileptal) as the stimulants can make an already anxious person worse especially when they are kids and already have issues identifying their emotions. I hope this helps, and good luck!