Reply To: Is it ADHD or…..?


Hi. I would just like to agree with Ninasim. The diagnosis of Autism with Sensory issues seems more likely than ADHD. Its so easy to throw the tag ADHD onto a child, because its the most convenient.
We have 2boys. The oldest is 8, level 2/3 ASD with extreme sensory processing n anxiety plus ODD. We resisted medicating him until 18mths ago…best decision we made. He was violent, abusive, destructive and melting-diwn up to 20times a day,-i was bruised physically n emotionally… I couldnt cope n had minimal assistance. 3yrs ago in transition (kinder), he was the only child diagnised with SPD- not a teacher or friend had ever heard of it. Fast forward n they have a SPD room for children to function in filled with aids, resources n a special needs teacher.
Our youngest has just started Transition. At home he is a devil, same as his brother prior to his medicating. School is new n overwhelming but the symptoms are already surfacing n worsening… I wont wait to medicate him, for his sake and mine! -because after chatting to my 8yo, he felt trapped, Tortured inside his own body n brain.
Im a teacher of 25yrs n a psychologist, yet i struggled to have him diagnosed-i knew things were not right…it wasn’t bad parenting, food or any other things suggested by do_gooders It is.
Good luck n keep your options open
Patience, love and understanding .
Good luck with it all.