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I feel your pain! The following is what worked for me for my 4 kids (they weren’t young all at once, but each was 7-8 years apart):

During the weekends, have 1-2 hours for play scheduled with her where she gets to interact with you however she chooses, but then follow it with a 15 or 30 minute “rest break”. She can read quietly in the same room, or color, or even nap, but it’s a “rest break” where you’re relaxing and thinking your own thoughts and everyone has to be quiet like you’re in the library. Turn on a special lamp or do something to signify a quieter environment at that time. When that’s over, she can go back to interacting with you, followed by another “rest break” later. Play dates also might work – it wears out some of the kids’ energy to be able to chat with each other, although she might not have met a lot of friends her own age until she’s in kindergarten and first grade. Sign her up for a program at the local library – they can do a craft or story, and you can just sit in the other section and read or enjoy quiet time. Go for a walk and let her explore the outside with you – sometimes sensory overload is lessened in a large space such as the outdoors.

During the week, have as much of your stuff packed up the night before and a list for yourself so you don’t have to think about it as much. I’m not as organized during the week with this stuff as I am on the weekends, so hopefully others will have good advice for you.