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I’ve been diagnosed with OCPD, and one quirky technique that has actually helped me, is to attempt to turn the perfectionism against itself and focus on process instead of product. Like most perfectionists, I instinctively and counter-productively tend to feel a strong compulsion towards attempting to achieve a perfect end-product. However, I remind myself that if the *process* takes me 4 times as long as a typical person and causes me 10 times as much anxiety, then the *process* has completely failed to even approach perfection. Ironically, I am failing to be a perfect perfectionist if I can’t even perfect the process. A “flawless” end-product that tortures me and runs behind schedule or threatens to run behind schedule is a actually failure. I tell myself that a “good perfectionist” would have learned how to perfect time-management.

I like this approach because it’s not attempting to snuff out that internal compulsion that will no doubt be with me for life, it’s attempting to harness it. Instead of fighting my own nature, I’m trying to spin it into a strength.

A good, short mantra is “a good plan today is worth more than a perfect plan tomorrow”.

Ok, stop reading this rambling post, and go dig into a productive process! Now!