Reply To: Is it ADHD or…..?


My son was just recently diagnosed with ADHD and I felt so alone. He was labeled the problem child at his school. It started with outbursts and progressed to hitting, kickibg, scratching the teacher. At home none of that took place. I agreed to enroll him into the school therapy program. It seemed to be working for about 3 weeks and the hitting, biting scratching started back up. The school therapist never mentioned a possible ADHD diagnosis. Just completely exhausted, stressed and drained for repeatedly having to leave or take off work I figured maybe if he had therapy more than once a week it would help. I kept getting he would have to be on a waitlist. I reached out to his pediatrician and filled out a questionare and on 2/5/2020 my son was diagnosed with ADHD. Until I came across this forum I just knew I had to be the only parent dealing with this issue. I have read the post and it gives me some relief that I am not alone. For the spring semester he is doung virtual school at home and hopefully in the fall he can start back attending a traditional school. I go back to his pediatrician in 30 days and finally have an appointment so he can start therapy. Thank you because although this will be an ongoing condition for my son I am pretty confident he can be successful in school.