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I’m not sure how much this will help anyone but here’s my story. I’m now 23 years old working a very good job and also feel great. I was in a 4 wheeler accident in 2015 where I almost lost my life. The impact of me hitting another car did a number on my head. I went through a lot of therapy and noticed I always just felt like I Had a hard time remembering to finish a task or forget what I was saying mid sentence.

I first started on adderol to help with my lack of thinking and completing every day tasks. I often crashed off adderol and became very aggressive and also depressed which made me tired. My doctor tried an anti depressant which did nothing but make things worse. We then switch my medicine to Concerta. I have taken this for some time now and has done very well helping me with things but not making depressed or aggressive and I wasn’t noticing me being tired.

I started concerta in 2017. About 6 or 8 months ago I noticed I was having bad mood swings and was losing interest in a lot of things. I told my doctor the concerta has done great but I feel something is missing again. I’m feeling tired and blah. I was put on lamictal since I did not want to be put back on anti depressants again. This has changed my life considerably. If anyone is having any problems like mine but are on anti depressants, I would give this a shot if it could work for you.