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I am so sorry you are having these difficulties. You are wrong I believe when you say anyone can do your current job. I think it takes a special person to work with the elderly. I am 70, and was a nurse for many years, so I have some experience in this area. I am on this website because my 23 yr. old grandson who has ADHD, learning difficulties, and developmental delays lives with my husband, and myself, and also 2 of his aunts. I worry about his ability to even qualify for a job stocking in a grocery store. Hopefully, one day he may be able to. I’m not at all trying to make lite of your difficulties, but please give yourself credit for all that you have accomplished to only be in your late 20’s. I know you have a degree in psychology, but do you have a psychologist that you can talk to . I think it is so helpful to have someone that is not a relative or friend to talk to. My grandson has had a psychologist since he was 7 yr. old. Be proud of yourself, and I hope you find someone you can talk to. John’s Grandma