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above very interesting. Im 52. Perimenopause at forty and a major job related stress made me feel like I was going insane. Major anxiety. Panic attacks included. I felt I would never get back to knowing myself. I was introduced to bio-identical hormone therapy. I could sleep and felt regulated. I am taking 400mg progesterone at night. Otherwise , I don’t sleep. I retired at 47. At 50 I was diagnosed with ADHD, non attentive type. After much trial, I have ended on 50 mg of Vyvance and 5 mg of Adderall at 2pm. The best part of my day is after 2pm. My husband and I agree that my symptoms got soooo much worse after 40. At this time, I am a complete airhead and have to write everything down. BUT I have no anxiety-NONE. I have been on ADHD meds for 2yrs. I have noticed a weirdness while I am driving. A disconnect from me to my hands on the wheel. Several times I felt in trouble. Today I put on my audiobook and the weirdness went away. So much comorbidity makes understanding difficult.
Best to all