Reply To: Just Diagnosed with ADD – at 54!!


Hi! I’m 48 and was just first diagnosed last year. I wasn’t bothered by the diagnosis, it was actually quite exciting to know there really was a reason for why I do the things I do and that I’m not lazy. I had to fight to get my primary care physician to accept the diagnosis. Even after she had reviewed the therapists notes and diagnosis, the Dr. was reluctant to address the adhd and gave me the option of buproprion (generic wellbutrin) and some other anti-depressant. She did explain that buproprion would only address the depression and not anxiety, but that it may help with the ADHD a little, where the other option would only address the depression and anxiety and not the ADHD. I chose buproprion and I am happy with the results. It helped balance my moods quite well and it doesn’t make me feel flat like the SSRIs did in the past. Eventually she started me on generic adderall. I’m at 25 mg at the moment and seeing really good results with very few side effects. Hugs to everyone!