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Hello, Today is sunday 02/02/20 and I am inviting you to contact me about wanting to chat with other Australians with ADHD.

I am 59 years and live in Queensland. I suffered for many years with treatment resistant depressive illness before being prescribed dexamphetamine. From my very first dose the dex lifted my depression and opened my mind to a new way of thinking. I have since been diagnosed with adult ADD and believe it was ADD that causing my mental health issues all along.

Fortunately for me I have had a very good response with being prescribed dexamphetamine and have virtually no side affects. I have learned to not take any dex after 1pm because I might have trouble getting off to sleep but other than that for me it has been a life saving drug.

My depression and difficulty organising my thoughts were so severe I was constantly fighting just giving up and letting myself become another statistic in Australia’s shameful suicide rate.

If any of you have been discriminated against by health professionals for having a disorder that requires a schedule 8 drug to treat your symptoms please know you are not alone. Although my psychiatrist has been very professional I have had to deal with an ignorant pharmacist who felt she had the right to shame me in front of other customers. I live in a rural area and my health should be confidential but that hasn’t happened for me.

I am mentioning these things so you know that I can empathise with you the difficulties we face through no fault of our own. I am not sure if it’s appropriate to put my email address up here but please do not hesitate to respond because I am more than happy to provide support. You would be doing me a huge favour as I feel very alone and isolated myself.

I have no experience with Zyban myself but I do know someone who was prescribed it to help stop smoking.

Best wishes, Michelle