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Trying to fit in

I have a similar problem. I can’t find a mental health Dr near me so I have to drive 2 hours each way to another state. I can’t fill the prescription in the state I live in since it was written in another state so I drive 1 hour each way to a pharmacy at the state line. I will call ahead to the pharmacy before I go but when I get there they never have it. I end up making 2 sometimes 3 trips there a month. I run out every month and have a hard time without my medication. I’ve started skipping a dosage occasionally to save up for when my prescription runs out. I’m 61. Have never had a drug problem, have good insurance but am treated like an addict trying to scam meds. We have either no or extremely bad mental health care. I don’t think anyone cares how bad it is except the people looking for help. It’s so sad to know that no one cares about me and other people needing help more than me. I hope you can resolve your problem. I know I need my medication but know I’m on my own with no help in my local area. Please know you’re not alone and I’m sending you good wishes that it will get better.