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I used to take 10MG IR, and drink a cup of coffee, and use nicotine pouches. Terrible combination. I didn’t know it was bad for me until I was in my psychiatrist’s office one morning and he took my blood pressure and pulse and told me to stop doing that.

fast forward, I stopped taking adderall, and cut out nicotine, but that’s not helpful with ADD, so I cut the pill in half now and take 5mg. I find that while I’m on it, and have coffee (even a small amount), my heart rates gets up in the 90’s while resting. As I’m tryping this I’m hovering around 94-97.

I’m going to try again tomorrow but without coffee, which is hard for me because I love coffee. Does anyone else experience this? I can’t imagine how some people take 30-60mg of Adderall. I feel like I’d go through a wall. My cardiologist said to keep taking adderall, but even a small amount still increases my resting heart rate. So I feel like it can’t be healthy long term.

Question mainly is, how do people react to Adderall? pulse, and how with adderall and coffee.


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