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I have this same struggle, extreme hyperactivity is my main issue, though all adhd strong too though. But the medication literally has made that part a million-times better (adderral XR twice a day and adderral IR with my first XR dose). Used to be I had to exercise 2-3 times a day all cardio and no ones body can take that ya know ? Which is why my health has important Ed on the medication and I’ve put on 5-7 pounds too bc I don’t move as much lol.

BUT even though medication has saved me , I STILL struggle just not as bad as before. and if I don’t sleep 8-9 hours and eat well , then I can get flare ups of that old bad hyperactivity for certain periods. I find sleep and protein help my meds work better, thus help me relax.

I like what the person I mentioned above said : I LOVE essential oils as well , I mix with coconut oil ! Lavender , Chamomeile , etc! I also take a magnesium supplement too. I still do run and exercise a lot , though not as much as I did Unmedicated BUT that being said I find myself restless if I don’t replenish my calcium and magnesium and zinc and all other electrolytes too ! And sodium and potassium .

Another thing that helps, bc that residual hyperactivity I mentioned is finally starting to dissolve even more , is mindfulness meditation. Sounds corny and I used to say I couldn’t do it, but then I got desperate for something to help which made me willing, and WOW! See, what it did was help me learn (bc it takes some time) to resist the urge to move when I wanted to get up. And to stay WITH the restlessness bc turns out I didn’t even know what it truly felt like , bc I immediately pushed it away as soon and I felt it, I never allowed myself to feel it due to fear of discomfort. But I tried this , even just for a few minutes and objectively tried to describe the physical sensations I felt and accepted them to the best of my ability. Kinda view it from my curious adhd brain as an adventir and something new ! Bc I love novelty and new-ness and adventure haha !

This has taught me a few things:
1) that discomfort isn’t as bad as I thiught, but what was so bad was my resistance to it and the fear I projected of it.
2) also: that I nene really will be a totally calm person and be able to sit still all the time , or even hardly at all some days BUT THATS OKAY! It’s how God made me ya know ? I will always have some chronic boredom and need for stimulation and movement. Bc that’s how I’m supposed to be ! It keeps me growing and makes me the innovative person I am! I constantly crave challenge !!!
3) that if I can only channel all that internal and external energy into something fun and productive , I’ll be unstoppable!

This is like hyper focus, all this energy In one spot ?! It is so intense, I just have to find that thing interesting enough o get there!
As Dwight Scrute form the office says “you want my undivided attention? Well you can’t handle my undivided attention” haha. But I can only find that thing by allowing the discomfort for a few minutes until I’m able to start something qnd then the flow takes over !