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First, if you already realize it’s a problem then I think you should be able to fix it, believe!

I am no expert but here are some ideas.
Structure your day and keep busy doing things that don’t rely on just using the phone. Be phone free for the first hour and an hour before you sleep. Charge your phone in a separate room if you can’t control yourself. Start the day working out or meditate (several types) – This really helps me think about things and plan my day vs getting sucked into work emails and social media first thing in the morning.

Take frequent walks, phone tucked away. Schedule activities with friends – have lunch/dinner. My friend does a board game night once a week with her friends. Have a goal to read a book a week? Listen to the news (TV/Alexa). Listen to podcasts or read before going to bed.

Have hobbies? Go hiking? Give back – Care for a pet, volunteer at a homeless shelter etc etc.

Hope this helps, as someone who just found out 2 people in my family have ADHD + Gifted IQ, trying to help them breakout of the phone habit.