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Here’s a WebMD article about the differences / similarities between Vyvanse and Adderall. Vyvanse has a chemical called Lysine that Adderall doesn’t. Maybe he was allergic to that. Regarding the weight issue, my son also had that problem when he was younger. Our MD prescribed an old allergy med called Periactin. It’s not used much for allergies because it increases the appetite, and who wants to gain weight from an allergy med when there are so many other better meds available. It did help with appetite. Also, we only have him on Vyvanse on the days he is in school even all these years later. Never on weekends or during school breaks. That helps with gaining weight too ( which isn’t entirely due to Vyvanse, but also because he was and is a picky eater). I’d say trying other meds would help. Usually there is one that works. If not a stimulant, maybe something like Strattera. It also works on norepinephrine. I’ve read this transmitter can be part of the issue for kids with Inattentive Type ADHD. Well, here’s the link and good luck! When you find the right med, it really is like night and day.