Reply To: Just Diagnosed with ADD – at 54!!


I’m 53, and was just diagnosed a year ago. I’m with you. I don’t struggle with the diagnosis at all. It quite frankly explains a lot. I’ve been in trouble at just about every job I’ve ever had due to lack of organization and inability to keep up with deadlines.

My Doctor was at first averse to prescribing stimulants, and she started me on Wellbutrin in November 2018. It helped … decreased impulsivity and kind of let me organize my thoughts. But I nearly got written up at work and we discussed it again in October of last year and she started me on a low dose of Vyvanse. I currently take 20 mg, and will probably increase to 30 mg in the near future. I can definitely tell a difference. The main side effects I have had are decreased appetite and a somewhat faster heart rate. In all, the trade off seems worth it.

Good luck.