Reply To: Just Diagnosed with ADD – at 54!!


Hi, I am also a 54 yr old female and was diagnosed about 12 years ago. I’m certain I had it as a child and was never even tested. I don’t know how I got through college and graduate school. I’m very sensitive to medication so generic adderall is really the only thing I can handle. I’m prescribed 20mg/day but I only take 5 at a time. Unfortunately it only lasts a couple of hours or less so I have to take 5 mg about three times a day. I try not to take more than 15mg in a day because when it wears off I feel very anxious and overwhelmed so I have to take a very small dose of Xanax. For me, it’s an extremely delicate balance. It seems like 30mg is a lot to start with if you’ve never taken it. I would take it slow and be sure to take breaks from it when you can. Getting detailed tasks accomplished is extremely challenging for me and I definitely won’t attempt these things without adderall. I am compulsively neat and organized so everything has to be in order before I start other tasks. I’ve never had a good memory and it’s only getting worse. I literally write everything down in my notes and reminder apps. I half-jokingly tell people that my phone is my brain. I have intermittently struggled with low self esteem over the years likely due to not accomplishing everything I would’ve liked to thus far in life.. probably because of living with ADHD. One of the most helpful things has been this website! It helps me to feel like I’m not alone. I find the comments sometimes to be even more helpful than the blog posts and articles. Good luck to you.