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I’m having the same problem, it’s awful and so unfair for the drug companies to fool around with the contents. I’ve been on adderall Er for 15+ years I’ve had every generic brand there is and never had a problem until Actavis. It is 100% completely ineffective for me. That being said, I was able to work around the problem by going to different pharmacies if they only had actavis. So if CVS has activis I would go to rite aid or if not, Walgreens. Then out of nowhere a few months ago my doctor told me I’m “pharmacy hopping”. I explained why I fill at different locations. She repeated back to me the same thing and did not even address what I told her. She then made me sign a “add medication contract” stating that I will only fill at one pharmacy and I’m not even allowed to change location let alone pharmacy name. So now mom sitting here with a tremendous problem on my hands because the pharmacy I committed to only has actavis right now and they are not expecting to receive any different brands in the near future. What in the world do I do with this? I can function to some degree for a day without but come the second day I can’t even move. I’ll never be able to make it to work.