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I have too much to say about this. This months Rx has me far more concerned than any month before (inflammation in my stomach and joints, seemed like thyroid hormones were all over the place and mental bizarreness (and I am a musician/artist, I know good weird, and this wasn’t it). I take 10mgXR from Shire and a 10mg IR made by Lannett Co. The first time I received a Rx from Lannett I was concerned, after some research I found this website and a similar thread about generic pharmaceuticals. This was my initial discovery of how low the standards are for a lot of generics and how much manufacturing and distribution politics (and more) play a role in the substance I am putting into my body. I drink green juice, ginger and turmeric cold pressed and kombucha and electrolytes to combat some of the side effects and help my body cleanse and two days without this was noticeable while still taking the Rx.

The fact that a urinalysis showed antipsychotics and antidepressants is extremely alarming. I suppose it is manufacturers AND pharmacies in the wrong because I believe pharmacies are required to test the drugs they get… but maybe they aren’t, there’s also probably some bogus law that allows trace amounts of other drugs to be in some other drugs. Anyway, I will access a drug testing kit if I can and/or do an urine analysis myself. I thought I would contribute to the growing body of evidence that WE THE PEOPLE have a lot of work to do and IF you are someone that has capability and power, now is a good time. Also if you’re struggling out there with mental health and/or pharmaceutical entanglement, there is a much bigger picture to our individual health and if you saw it, your personal shame might just be lifted and relocated to the corporations that say they are helping. Course many of those corporations are being run on the ground level by people just like us… It’s both simple and complicated. I will navigate out of this entanglement and post anything helpful when I can. Thanks for the shares and insight.