Reply To: Tics and ADHD

Leigh Ann

Hey FantasticA! My 6 year old son has several (more than 5) tics that accompany his ADHD diagnosis. The majority of them are audible; gasping, throat clearing, coughing, grunting, and moaning, but does have a few physical, as well (shoulder shrugging in combination with turning his palms up). I can only imagine how difficult it must be, at 16, trying to navigate life and peers, then have tics thrown in. My son was in his classroom a few days ago and was giving a book report and his tics were very much present. He had a classmate follow him and started making the same noises my son does to be funny. My son’s teacher put an end to it right away saying, “Making fun of someone is not allowed in this classroom. He was born this way and cannot help it, you, very much can.” I later found out that child lost points on his book report due to his mocking behavior. I wish you much luck with the neurological evaluation. I need to find a good pediatric neuro for my son.

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