Reply To: Losing it

Anni Lyn

I totally relate to the whole losing things thing. Whether it’s my pen, my train of thought or my mind, losing things is a constant battle. I also relate to numerous replies to a post that made it onto the ADDitude emails. You are certainly not alone.
In the case of losing physical objects have taught myself to look for it like it doesn’t matter if I find it or not. I also take a deep breath, or two, or fifty. Once I have looked in the obvious places, I look in logical but not obvious places. In your burger bun example, the microwave oven would be logical but not obvious. Then if I still need to look, it’s high and low, nook and cranny type searching. I also ask my husband and daughter, they’re used to it. If I can’t find my phone, once my daughter knows, she’s phoning it so I can hear it ring.
How’s this, I can be looking for something I am actually holding in my hand.
I like to remind myself that being a bit crazy stops me from going insane.
The forgetting I am noticing is worsening in me is forgetting the names of things. I often revert to, “Oh, you know, the, the thing that, you know, (insert action required to use item, like snipping with scissors, here).” For years now, I have called the laundry the lounge room and visa versa. For those who are unfamiliar with the concept, in Australia, we have an actual room called the laundry where the washing machine, laundry trough, dryer, etc. are used.
I also struggle with having a name in my head, but it’s not the name that comes out of my mouth, especially names of people. I can look at a person and think of their name, then say the name of their sister, friend, cousin… Frustrating much!!