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I have been on ADHD meds most of my life and after 30 of course my Blood Pressure starting getting up more than my PCP would like it to be. I bought a BP tester for home and I started dieting and walking everyday and lost a large amount of weight and my BP went back to normal and I am on 60mg of Adderall IR which I am told is the hardest on BP than most of the meds for our condition.
120/80 is not realistic for most middle age adults on Amphetamine like medications…..unless you’re super active and eat extremely healthy. My Psychiatrist will accept anything under 140/90 like every now and then…like 2 times a year as long as the other readings are 130/80 or right at it. It is with me taking 40mg of Lisinopril(sp?) a day 120/75 almost always with 60mg’s of Adderall daily split in 3 doses.
Cut all your salt down to almost nothing and make sure you drink enough water and get 30 minutes per day of walking , running, swimming or something in and I bet you it will resolve itself.