Reply To: Losing it


I have to say that forgetting or losing track of thought often go hand and hand are a common symptoms we ADHD people have lived with all of our lives. Medications and Organization skills is first and foremost the solution. We are all still just humans and not machines, You might try to find humor and learn to laugh at yourself for being silly. We ADHDr’s have to always remember we are really hard on ourselves more than others. We have to lean to allow that inner voice to be kind and caring always and when it starts becoming short, rude, and insulting we stop it and start positive reinforcements internally and even out loud if needed.
Many times when I would “lose it” it was because, from the instant I thought something was misplaced I started self scolding and the inner voice defeated any chance of recovering the situation from the get go. I now very effectively keep that inner mean voice shut down always and forever.

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