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My memory is so poor I would never survive in a pre-literate society where I couldn’t write things down. Since “out of sight, out of mind” applies to me, visual reminders are essential. I use a paper planner where EVERYTHING gets written down, including appointments, concerts, visits to be made, reminders to get gas. For appointments I always include the time, address & phone number. Reminder notes to myself on my bathroom mirror and the back of my front door help keep me functioning. For items that repeat, like “Pick up from library” or “from pharmacy,” or “hairdresser – 9:00,” I use index cards. When not in use they live in a pile clipped together on my desk. When I need one, it goes into a clip stuck onto the mirror or onto the back of the front door. I also keep a pen, mini clipboard & paper in my car. If I think of something I have to do, I slip the reminder onto the clipboard & hang it from the rearview mirror on a large S-hook. A small basket hangs on the doorknob on the back of my front door. My keys go in there as soon as I get home. Envelopes to be mailed the next day or small items I need to take with me go into it the night before. Larger items – books, dry cleaning, etc. – go on a table — my landing pad — just inside the front door. When I come home, whatever I’m carrying lands there. After I hang up my coat it gets put away. If I’m running low on a prescription, I leave the bottle out where I can see it as a reminder to call the pharmacy for a refill. At the office or a friend’s house, if I need to take something from the refrigerator home with me, I leave my car keys in the fridge with it so I can’t get far without it. For important deadlines I can’t afford to miss, like paying my taxes or rent, I write a reminder in my planner a week before the due date as well as on the date itself. I try to pay my bills as soon as they arrive, otherwise I’ll likely forget about them—which has happened in the past. Being such a cabbage-head isn’t fun, but I’ve evolved coping strategies that keep me from falling apart at the seams.