Reply To: Losing it


I usually only lose things that are vital. Or maybe I only care about those now and just brush off everything else. I can never leave for work without af least one trip back into the house; nor can I leave work for home in one step.
Lately I’ve been leaving things on the stove. Uhoh.Dont tell my kids! Yesterday I roasted chicken pieces for three hours…crispy! Once I left for Europe and forgot to turn off the hose I was using to top up the little golfish pond in the backyard.24 hours later my husband came home to a flooded backyard and fish flopping in the grass. In one week I forgot a hair appointment, a massage appointment and a dental appointment. So many apologies and late fees.
Except for the vital stuff, I consider them all funny stories that I can tell on myself.
What i have found helpful is the alarm and calendar on my phone …except when I forget to hit save.