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I appreciate everyone on this thread – I am learning every day.
I am thankful I’m an older mom. I’ve lived through my silly, selfish years and do have lots more of myself to give now – my life is one big give! Thanks to suggestions from my son’s therapist, I am learning to ignore some of his self-hating comments (Bonus – ignoring it seems to minimize it) and not react to any hyperactivity that doesn’t directly impact others or his own ability to function. Even those small acceptances have reduced my stress and anxiety. I am finding my time to exercise (while my son is at Taekwondo, gymnastics, at therapy, etc.). My wine consumption has increased a little (watching sunsets and horses from our porch is very calming). This forum helps! We are doing better at celebrating the small victories – I am aiming my sights at smaller chunks of success and my son is acknowledging some of his own successes. He is complaining less of stomach aches, headaches, and other emotion-based hurts. Just having him feel a teeny bit more in control is helping. There’s lots of good happening. I am back to my rock-like self, but perhaps some of the sharp edges are wearing down and allowing me to roll more easily.