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I’m sorry you were subjected to such idiocy.

I’m a forty something-year-old man who was diagnosed with ADD less than a year ago; I didn’t know that it was something that lasted beyond childhood. I’ve been called, and treated like, a failure my entire life. Gender didn’t matter, it was EGO; egotistical people are ignorant jackasses regardless of gender.

I would not doubt for one second that this psychologist shoves his arrogance in the face of everyone he speaks to and I’ve been subjected to women (Medical Doctors) who display the same arrogance.

I tried talking to my MDs about my issues and instead of diagnosing and treating my ADD they put me on citalopram, escitalopram, and duloxetine which REALLY made a mess of things. I went through 5 MDs trying to get my life in order. A nurse with my insurance company called me and suggested a therapist. I tried that route and ended up being diagnosed with ADD by a Psychologist and instead of an MD for a Primary Care Physician, I am now seeing an NP.

What ended up making the difference was I got angry and I took the stance that they work for me. I pay them to find out what’s going on with my health and if they won’t or can’t (which most of the time was a result of their self-imposed God complex) I fired them and hired someone new until my health got on the right track.

My therapist did an excellent job of listening who directed me to both, a psychologist who was excellent at listening and to a nurse practitioner who is excellent at listening.

Turns out that I have ADD and B12 deficiency caused by intrinsic factor failure. My NP is treating me with B12 shots and methylphenidate. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this good in my life and I’m still healing…

Don’t ever be afraid to replace idiots who are a drag on your existence.