Reply To: Losing it


I am so relieved to learn that there are many others who suffer from the ‘disappearing objects’ syndrome. I was becoming convinced that I was starting to lose my mind! I lose the normal keys, phone, remote, jewelry, flashlights, dog leash and just about anything else imaginable! Of course, I “just saw it!”. I have a time perception disorder along with the ADHD, so “just” could have been last week. And the CLUTTER– how can one be expected to find anything when there are boxes of paper everywhere? Stuff I printed, none of it relating to anything else! Articles (these are at the top of one box) on how to declutter your home, last year’s astrology predictions for Gemini, advances in treating schizophrenia, going vegan, the climate crisis… I dig through boxes searching for my credit card which must have slipped into the box somehow! I call my cell phone from a trunk line to find it under my dog’s cushion, under my dog. I spend around 75% of my life searching for things, getting aggravated, frustrated, swearing a blue streak – it’s just me and my dog – then trying to make my place look “presentable” after tearing it apart searching for something. I think that there couldn’t possibly be another person in the world who lives this bizarre lifestyle! THE LATEST*** I am having quite a bit of dental work done and temporarily have to wear a removable bridge on my upper jaw with 6 fake teeth on it & I HATE it, so at home, I remove it and have 1-2 special places to put it. A few days ago, it disappeared!! PANIC TIME! How can I go anywhere with 3 upper teeth!? I tore the place apart, moved furniture, looked in, around, under everything I own, in the trash, laundry basket, freezer. NOWHERE AFTER 4 DAYS. I am now convinced that someone I know who hates me has hired someone to put a curse on me!! That explains all of the problems I’ve been having, right? Or is a witch. I may never leave the house again…