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Hi! I have gotten so much better with this by being detailed and clear about my inner motivations for being alive. I WANT to stay focussed on my journey and my happiness, and I can, because I am deeply clear about what it is. That has helped me be less fluffheaded. I don’t fuss so much about little things.

Here is what has really worked to avoid crazy-brain:

I have forced myself to “chunk” repetitive tasks, especially laundry, kitchen cleanup, home cleaning, and paperwork sorting. Otherwise I will distract myself from work flow or leisure with things like doing a load of laundry and hanging it out, just doing that little bit of tidying here and there, etc.

I also put my keys and glasses in a difficult, fiddly place – sounds weird, but the act of clipping my keys onto a thingie and putting my reading and sunglasses in a back corner of the shelf acts as a reminder to be consistent. I don’t just throw them down anymore. it really works for me.

It’s hard to ignore a dirty bathroom for example, but I have learned to do it! It gets done at the right time, as does the laundry, the kitchen counters, the cat hair on the sofa, etc. And I am happier for it.