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I’m so reassured by everybody’s posts. I have used sticky notes forever! And yes, I have written get gas on them at times.
I once found a pair of socks in my freezer. Fortunately, they were clean. I, too have had the incredibly annoying phenomenon of the disappearing thingie you JUST had in your hand! I was also very relieved to know there are others like me who are wiped out after going to the doctor, socializing with friends, or dealing with convoluted legal issues like negotiating your health care contract, paying the bills… and then we are just drained and it can take up to two or three days to recharge.
On a brighter note, I liked the suggestion to wear something with pockets so you can keep up with your stuff. I appreciate the input.
Here are a few things I do that work for me:
1.I write things down right away as soon as it crosses my mind. My steering wheel is covered in sticky notes.
2. I put a hair scrunchie and a caliper on my keychain. That way I never set them down when I am out and about. You can’t leave your keys anywhere if they’re tied to your wrist! I use the caliper to attach my keys to the metal fasteners on my purse (which is a cross body bag because I can’t leave it behind if I’m wearing it. Also, I am sure to clip my keys to my purse as soon as I get home. That way there’s no frantic rush searching for my keys.
3. I am very visual so I paper clip all my appointment cards in my paper planner. Then I transfer that info onto my wall calendar. The final step is I use brightly colored paper and a fat marker and I write the Month, the day of the week, the time, and what the appointment is for. Then I tape them by date on the wall beside my door so that I see the reminders every day. And when I remember, I set the alarm on my watch!