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I’m on Concerta 18mg now. Started out on 10mg an Psychiatrist started raising fr there. Dx in Dec 2019 at 50.I was reluctant to start a stimulant. Tried Adderall. No way. Even extended. Body pain an very bad mood an increased anxiety. So Concerta started. It DOES NOT last no 12 hrs. 6-7 at best on me. Even on 18mg. Then went to 27mg for a mth but just called an said I wsnt yo go back to 18mg. So I explained ” the crash” to Dr. Its horrible. Freaking out. Crying. Depression. An its rt when Im needed. Homework supper etcc so 5mg fast acting Methylphenidate was started. I take around 6 hrs or 7 hrs fr Concerta ER dose. Then upped to 10mg fast acting. Some say a Dr should try the pt on fast acting of both kinds first to see which one does better. Ritalin(generic is methylphenidate) or adderall fast acting. Then which ever does best try the long acting of it. Sometimes people do better with 2 doses of fast acting but I was afraid of gettin use to fast one. Ive lost wt. 115lbs. 5’3. Was 122. In July. Also deal with Fibromyalgia an lower back pain. So Tramadol I take in between both doses but only 1 a day. Id like to stop stimulant because Tramadol helps with all my issues. Pain. Depression. Anxiety an ADD symptoms. I dont know why. Everyone is diff. But Im afraid also to go to my M.D. an say that an ask to b on Tram full time . Like 3 a day. Or 2 a day an thats it. Im also tapering off Clonazepam 0.5mg. Was on 2 pills a day. Which is 1mg. Its taken a yr to get down to 1 pill a day. Quarter of pill cut out for 6 mnths or shorter if no withdrawl symptoms until ur done. So hoping to be off by this time next yr. But Im worried whats gonna help my GAD? My mind racing constantly. Tram slows it. Tram increases serotonin levels an norepinephrine and dopamine. So my Psych cannot write for opiates. Only my M.D. an my old M.D. just retired in Dec! Rt now im prescribed 60 pills for 2 mnths. Havent seen new MD an its a woman. Im a woman. Not sure I like that. So Im afraid she will see the Clonazepam (im tapering with psych an its documented with old M.D.)& the 2 stimulants (3 scheduled 2 drugs)& say nope. But it helps with my pain. I do not want any higher opiate. No way. I just want to feel normal an be able to do stuff an live my life! So Im in same boat sorta but diff drug. I would say to Psych that you feel that this dosage may be to low an can u have a trial of next higher dose an no refills or qty of 2-3 wks to see how it does. Or chg drug. That ur symptoms are not under controll an ur having issues. Its either yes or no. An they can call in a new rx even if old one ur on isnt ready to fill as long as dosage chg or qty. How would u abuse such a low qty? An no refill or not asking for refill just a trial. If still issues find another Dr that treats ADD.